Network Storage for Course Materials Distribution

Secure FTP Server for Faculty to Distribute Electronic Course Materials

Viterbi IT is offering to faculty network storage space to be used for the distribution of electronic course materials. Electronic course materials may consist of any files that are too huge to email or too huge to distribute via Blackboard. For example, if you are using CDs or DVDs to distribute instructional software, this may be a better alternative.

For the faculty:

  • If you have a need of this resource, please submit a service request at with the following information:
    • Course number
    • Section number
    • Estimated storage required to host the files
  • This resource is meant strictly for instructional support. Each request will be reviewed to determine eligibility.
  • A link, username and password will be provided to the faculty for uploading the electronic course material.
  • You may use the SecureFTP software of your choice.
  • All files and user accounts will be PURGED at the END of each semester.

For your students:

  • A link, username and password will be provided to the faculty to share with the students. This account will enable the student to download. They will not be able to upload.
  • The student may be able to use the SecureFTP software of their choice. For example, Fetch for the Macs or Filezilla for Windows. The SecureFTP software is freely available on USC's ITS Software Site at

Published on November 15th, 2017

Last updated on October 6th, 2020