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Remote Access to Viterbi Computer Labs

As the university pivoted to online classes during this COVID-19 crisis, several of the Viterbi computer labs have been made available for remote access to Viterbi students and faculty who would like to use instructional software on the computers and the processing power of the computers in the labs.

Who Can Remote Access Viterbi Computer Labs?

All Viterbi faculty and students.

How to Connect to a Viterbi Computer Lab Remotely?

  1. Download and connect to USC AnyConnect VPN at

    If you are off-campus, you must first connect to the USC AnyConnect VPN before you will be able to gain remote access to a lab computer. If you are on-campus, you must connect to the USC Secure Wireless network.

    Instructions for downloading and using USC AnyConnect VPN.

  2. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection on your device for connecting to Windows-based lab computers

    Windows: Remote Desktop Connection is included with Windows. No additional software is required.

    MacOS: Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store.

  3. Connect to a Windows-based lab computer

    Go to Remote Access Viterbi Computer Labs tool in myViterbi.

    1. Select a computer lab with available Windows-based computers, and click the Connect to a Computer button.
    2. Click the Download button.
    3. Double-click the file that was downloaded. Remote Desktop Connection client should be automatically launched. Check to make sure your browser is not suppressing new windows.
    4. You will be prompted with security warning. Click the Connect button to continue.

    5. On second warning (The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified. Do you want connect anyway), click the Yes button to continue.

    6. At the login prompt, type your USCNetID user name followed by the domain suffix @ISD.USC.EDU into the user name field. For example, ttrojan@ISD.USC.EDU, and then type your USCNetID account password in the next field. Please note that the domain suffix ISD.USC.EDU is case-sensitive.


What is the difference between Remote Access to Viterbi Computer Labs and MyDesktop (aka Viterbi Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)?

Remote Access to Viterbi Computer Labs would be similar to walking into a computer lab such as the Engineering Computing Center and logging onto one of the available computers. You will actually be using one of the computers in the classroom.  Except that you are doing this remotely. On the other hand, Viterbi myDesktop is a virtual computing platform whereby all computation is performed on a cluster of GPU-equipped, high performance servers in Viterbi IT’s data center.

How do I choose which I should use? Should I use Remote Access to Viterbi Computer Labs or should I use MyDesktop?

Remote Access to Viterbi Computer Labs service is available to all Viterbi students and faculty. If you were more comfortable using one of the available computers in the Engineering Computing Center, you may prefer Remote Access to Viterbi Computer Labs which has been enabled for students to access needed software remotely to complete class work or projects.  On the other hand, you may not have access to Viterbi myDesktop whereby access is granted on a per class basis.  Each semester, professors may make a request for their class to have access to myDesktop. Only students taking classes with approved access to MyDesktop will be able to access MyDesktop.  See Classes With Access to MyDesktop.

Are part-time Viterbi faculty eligible for remote access to Viterbi computer labs?

Yes. Part-time Viterbi faculty who are active on the university payroll in the current semester is eligible to use this resource.

Are faculty on secondary appointment with Viterbi eligible for remote access to Viterbi computer labs?

No. Only faculty members on primary appointment in the Viterbi School are eligible.

How do I know the computer hardware details of each computer lab?

In Remote Access Viterbi Computer Labs tool in myViterbi, click Computer Details link in each lab to find out.

How do I know what software is available in each computer lab?

In Remote Access Viterbi Computer Labs tool in myViterbi, click Software List link in each lab to find out.

There aren't any computers available.  What do I do?

Just like in the computer labs, this service is available on a first come first served basis. If no computers are available, you will have to wait until another student logs off the computer.

When I use data files off my USB flash drive on my computer, it seems to be sluggish. What should I do?

For better performance, data files should be copied to your network drive and accessed from there. On computers available through the Remote Access Viterbi Computer Labs tool, you may also copy the files to the remote computer’s hard drive. Be sure to copy any data you need. If you log off the remote computer, anything saved on that computer will be gone. Always make backup copies of your data files before you log off.

How do I get help if I have trouble connecting to Remote Lab Computer?

You may email, use Viterbi Service Desk tool in myViterbi, to submit a ticket, or call 213-740-0517 M-F 8:30am-5pm for assistance.

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Last updated on June 25th, 2020