Viterbi Cloud Storage

Last Update: 1/25/13

With the proliferation of mobile and computing devices the need to access your critical business documents anytime, from any device, has become a necessity. To address this growing need, Viterbi IT is launching a DropBox-like cloud storage solution using on-site data storage and replicating data to a remote IT facility for service continuity protection. This solution is powered by Oxygen Cloud software. Documents saved to the Viterbi Cloud Storage from any of your computers will instantly be synched to all your other designated workstations and mobile devices. Whether you use a Windows PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device, you may quickly, securely and easily access all your documents.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive solution for storing, sharing, synchronizing and collaborating on all business related content.
  • Multi-platform access with ability to work online or offline, using your computer, smart phone, or tablet.
  • End-to-end data encryption with data encrypted in transit and at rest; use of this resource is sanctioned by USC Office of Compliance.
  • Available at no cost to qualified faculty and staff.

Intended Use

Viterbi cloud storage resource is intended to store current, work-related documents. Prudent use of this resource ensures that everyone has the storage capacity they need to execute their daily tasks and maintain documents. You are responsible for managing this resource, which includes deleting obsolete and non-essential files to keep storage utilization at a minimum. Please refrain from saving personal media files such as music files, personal pictures, or video clips on Viterbi storage resource.

Cloud data storage quota for faculty is 100GB. For staff, it is 25GB. Storage quotas for departments may vary depending on department size. Requests for quota increase may be accommodated on the basis of legitimate business need, and availability of resources.

Qualified Faculty and Staff

Viterbi Cloud Storage is available at no cost to tenure/tenure-track faculty, full time teaching faculty (with titles of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of Engineering Practice, or Professor of Engineering Practice) and staff in the departments Viterbi IT supports, specifically ASTE, BME, CEE, CHEMS, CS, EEP, ISE, ITP, EWP, and Office of the Dean.

Faculty and staff in AME, EES, and GAPP should refer to their respective department IT for an equivalent resource and availability.

Storage Quota
Faculty - ASTE, BME, CEE, CHEMS, CS, EEP, ISE, ITP, and EWP100 GB
Staff - Office of the Dean, ASTE, BME, CEE, CHEMS, EEP, ISE, ITP, and EWP25 GB
Faculty – AME, EESPlease refer to department IT for details.
Staff – AME, EES, and GAPPPlease refer to department IT for details.

Content Repository

Viterbi Cloud Storage permits the storage of all kinds of business related content such as office documents, spreadsheet, presentations, images, etc.

Key Feature

  • Ability to List, View, Rename, Download and Delete files with breadcrumbs for browsing folder hierarchy.
  • Preserve and Restore from all previous versions of business files.

Dynamic File Synchronization Across Devices

Viterbi Cloud Storage helps you keep your important files and folders up-to-date across multiple computers (e.g., Windows PC and Mac OS X) and devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad, .Android). It automatically synchronizes files and folders across multiple computers and devices so that you will have the most current version of a file.

Key Features

  • Files saved to Viterbi Cloud Storage from any user computer will instantly be synced to all other designated workstations & mobile devices.
  • Automatically replicates the folders, subfolders and files to the dedicated server and to any other devices linked to your account as soon as it notices a change in your sync folder.
  • Ensure that users stay in sync even when they work offline. Changes that are made to files locally on a user’s computer when offline are automatically synced the next time they are online.

Sharing and Collaboration

Viterbi Cloud Storage provides numerous options to Viterbi faculty and staff to support file sharing and collaboration, enabling distributed co-workers and research collaborators to work together from one centralized access point.

Key Features

  • Promotes team work, maximizes productivity and group interactivity.
  • No need to depend on Emails, FTP or Flash drives to share content.
  • Enables you to easily connect and collaborate with others by simply inviting people to view, and/or edit content.
  • Robust user permission enforcement on collaborated folders to protect critical data.
  • Provides the ability to create links and embed them in emails to be sent to users internal and external to the Viterbi School.

Universal Content Access

Viterbi Cloud Storage is an easy-to-use integrated solution that enables secure file access from anywhere, with any device. Whether you are in the office or on travel, Viterbi Cloud Storage offers a full range of file access capabilities to meet any need.

Key Features

  • Facilitates a broad range of content access capabilities from anywhere, at any time and with any device - Android based phones and tablets, iOS-based phones and tablets, etc.
  • Mobile website allows for sharing and downloading files locally on mobile device for future offline access.

Viterbi Cloud Storage - FAQ

Published on November 16th, 2017

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022