Viterbi WordPress Tutorials


In addition to the WordPress platform, USC Viterbi WordPress also uses the X-THEME by Themco. Additional tutorials by Themeco can be searched by creating a free account here, or by pre-pending a Google Search with "X-Theme."

Image Sizes

  • Slider Images: 1200 x 600px @72dpi.
  • Background Images: 1200 x 600px (previously 1500 X 750px @ 72dpi).
  • Posts / News Stories featured images: 1200 x 600px @ 72dpi.
  • Posts / News Stories square images: 600 x 600px @ 72dpi.

Official Colors


Browser Requirements

  • Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox: We are recommended using Internet Explorer and Firefox as the primary browsers when editing website as there are no currently known issues.
  • Safari: There are known issues with Safari. We do not recommend using it.
  • Chrome: There are no known issues with Chrome.

Useful Links

Published on May 31st, 2017

Last updated on August 4th, 2021