Faculty Support

The following core set of IT services is currently available to tenure, tenure-track, and full time teaching faculty within the School. Viterbi IT, the School’s central IT, will provide IT support to faculty members in ASTE, BME, CEE, CHEMS, CS, EEP, Engineering Writing Program, Informatics Program, ISE, and Information Technology Program. Faculty members in AME and EES, please refer to your respective department’s IT group.

  • Computer (desktop and laptop) support service – trouble shooting, patch management, setting up new computer, and general assistance to improve security posture.
  • Mobile devices – activation, configuration and email setup.
  • Shared network storage.
  • Shared calendars / collaboration tool.
  • Online data backup (Crashplan)
  • Private cloud storage (Microsoft OneDrive for Business)

For additional information, please read below.

Who is Eligible?

Tenured, Tenure Track and Full Time Teaching Faculty

Support Plans

Faculty in ASTE, BME, CEE, CHEMS, CS, EE-P, ISE, Informatics Program and ITP will be supported by Viterbi IT (the School’s central IT). Faculty members in these departments may choose a computer support plan on a per computer basis. Each faculty member may enroll up to two computers.

Faculty in AME or EE-S should inquire with your respective department’s IT group for service scope and availability.

Enrolling Your Computer in a Support Plan

Beginning on Monday, October 25, 2010, tenure, tenure-track and full time teaching faculty in ASTE, BME, CEE, CHEMS, CS, EE-EP, ISE, Informatics Program and ITP may self-enroll computers to a computer support service plan of your choice at Viterbi Academic Services web portal.

  1. Go to http://myviterbi.usc.edu
  2. Login using your USC NetID credential
  3. Select “Equipment Inventory Manager” tool
  4. Select “Request New Computer Service Enrollment” option

Tagging of Your Computer Equipment

Tagging of your computer equipment is strictly for identification purposes and does not denote ownership. The tag assists in keeping track of software installation for licensing purposes.

IT Services Available

This plan is most appropriate for the following types of users:

  • Users who have desktop computer on USC campus.
  • Users who do not want to deal with software installation, upkeep, maintenance. This includes OS patching and updates.
  • Users who do not want or need to tinker with their computers but just want it to work.

Plan Details:

  • Viterbi IT will retain administrator rights on the computer. User will not have administrator rights.
  • User will use a standard account for every day computing.
  • Automated Windows update and patchinng.
  • Automated Microsoft Office update and patching.
  • Automatic mapping of network drives where applicable.
  • Other software update and patching. Some example, Firefox, Adobe Reader, QuickTime, Safari.
  • Access to school-licensed software such as Microsoft Office productivity suite.
  • Software installation assistance – faculty must provide appropriate license key for other licensed software.
  • Installation, setup and restoration of Network backups. The user will also have the option to set up and restore data personally.
  • Computer equipment is tagged for identification purposes only.
  • Computer hardware and software troubleshooting.
  • For out of warranty hardware, costs of parts and of any repairs by non-Viterbi IT personnel is the responsibility of the faculty member.

Additionally, your data stored with Viterbi IT, whether it is on email, network storage or backups, are all backed up nightly. Viterbi IT has a disaster recovery site established at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering through a reciprocal equipment hosting agreement. In the event of a regional disaster, replicated backup data will be accessible from the remote site.

For additional information on any of the above, please feel free to submit a service request for additional information at http://viterbi.usc.edu/servicedesk.


  • 20GB quota.
  • Email retention is 18 months, in line with University policy.
  • Email is currently delivered with Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server. You will be able to connect your smartphones (iPhones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android) to the Exchange server to get your email, contacts, calendar.
  • Exchange is a collaboration platform so calendars, contacts may be shared and delegation of email rights to assistants is also possible.

Cloud Storage

  • For your cloud storage needs, USC offers Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Please refer to this page.

ITS Google Drive

  • Google Drive for Faculty and Staff is a cloud storage service that allows users to upload, create, edit, and work collaboratively with others on a variety of documents online. The service comes with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, a collection of apps designed for developing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files stored on Google Drive. Please visit here for more information. https://itservices.usc.edu/googledrive/

Viterbi Network Storage

  • Viterbi IT offers network storage to tenure/tenure‐track and full time teaching faculty (with titles of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of Engineering Practice, or Professor of Engineering Practice) in departments it supports, specifically ASTE, BME, CEE, CHEMS, CS EEP, ISE, Informatics Program and ITP. This service is available at no cost. Data is stored on in‐house storage infrastructure of Viterbi IT and securely replicated to a remote disaster recovery site for further data protection. Highlights of the Viterbi Network Storage:
    • 40GB network storage at no cost; requests for higher storage quota will be evaluated on a case‐by‐case basis.
    • Network storage is accessible anywhere with Internet.
    • Data saved on network storage is securely replicated to a remote site for service protection.
    • Data saved on network storage is backed up daily with data retention up to 4 weeks.
    • Enhanced data security compliance ‐ data stays within Viterbi IT storage infrastructure at both local and remote sites.
    • Data accessible via multiple access protocols: CIFS/SMB, SFTP, and HTTP/web.
    • Cross‐platform client support: Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, and SolarisWindows and Mac clients on USC network can mount/map drives to the network storage.
  • Please visit here for more information.

“Private Cloud” based backup:

  • 400GB quota per user.
  • The backup system works whether your computer is on campus or off campus.
  • There is a limit of 4 computers per user that may be backed up.  Please note that the 400GB quota is NOT per computer but per user.
  • Single Sign On has been implemented so you will not need to remember another account.  You may use your USC Net ID and password for login and authentication.

Secure FTP Server Space for Distributing Electronic Course Material:

  • Meant strictly for instructional support.  Each request will be reviewed to determine eligibility.
  • Please submit a service request at http://viterbi.usc.edu/servicedesk with the following information: Course Number, Section Number, Estimated Storage required to host the files.

Microsoft Office

  • Currently, we could only install the software for faculty for up to two computers. Under the licensing agreement with Microsoft, we are unable to supply the software media and license serial number at this time. Note that USC also offers Microsoft Office to faculty via Office365.

Update and patch of your operating system and applications, if applicable.

Troubleshoot hardware and software related issues.

Non-Viterbi Backup Services

USC Digital Repository

USC is offering fee‐based network storage (file‐server access) service through USC Digital Repository https://repository.usc.edu. Highlights of the File‐Server Access service:

  • $70/TB per month.
  • Contact: (213) 740-9263.
  • Data saved on network storage is securely replicated to peer storage in Nirvanix data center.
  • Data accessible via CIFS/SMB. HTTP or web access is being investigated.
  • Windows and Mac clients on USC network can mount/map drives to the network storage.

Commercial Online Backup Services

  • Online storage services make a great secondary backup solution because your data is safe in case of burglary or hardware damage. The services generally provide software for file encryption and for scheduling automated, incremental backups, and they typically store your data at multiple remote locations for increased security. Some services even let you share files remotely. The downside of these services is you have to put your trust in a third party to keep your data safe, and that might not be acceptable to you. They are also the slowest of the backup methods, taking anywhere from 10 minutes to 12 hours to upload 1GB of data and 10 minutes to 3 hours to download. In addition to the type of files and the speed of your computer, the variables that account for the huge disparity include what else is happening on your PC during the backup, the speed of your Internet connection, and network traffic both on your end and at the online backup service. If you have a limited amount of data, you can use one of the free services, and the upload time would be more reasonable. But if you have a lot of data and are frequently adding to it, the slow speed and the monthly fees can make this a poor long‐term choice.

Online Data Backup Review Comparisons

Online Data Backup Review Comparisons

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