Viterbi MyDesktop VDI

What is Viterbi MyDesktop?

Viterbi MyDesktop (VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is the virtual computing resource available to students of select engineering classes.

Viterbi MyDesktop is intended to provide Viterbi students with access to engineering and scientific software packages whose licensing terms prohibit their installation on personally owned computers involves complex installation procedures or require elevated hardware resources for satisfactory experience. The intent is to provide access to installed software on any device from anywhere and at any time.

You can access the VDI by clicking here

Please note that this is different from the USC ITS-administered Cloudapps. For more information on Cloudapps, please click on this link.


Can I install software on the VDI?
No, you may not install software on the VDI. Students can communicate with their instructors to put in an ISR request to install new software in the VDI. You can learn about ISR Requests here.

My instructor asked me to install software on VMWare. How do I do that?
You are allowed to install software on VMWare academic license. You can request a license by emailing In the email, please include who your instructor is and what course you require the VMWare license for. You can find more information about the VMWare academic licenses here.

Who has access to Viterbi MyDesktop?
All Viterbi classes have access to the Enhanced and General desktop pools.

My class has access. How do I get on?
Please click MyDesktop Logon Instructions for the step-by-step PDF.

How do I request for software to be installed?
Please click here for how to request installation of new instructional software

Virtual Desktop Pools

Viterbi MyDesktop currently uses VMWare Horizon virtual desktop technology. Virtual desktops supported on MyDesktop run Windows software only.

  1. General Desktop with light 3D graphics acceleration.
  2. Enhanced Desktop with heavier 3D graphics requirements.
  3. C-Enhanced Desktop with higher computational requirements with modest 3D graphics requirements.
  4. Forensics Desktop with higher computational requirements with modest 3D graphics requirements. This pool is sandboxed.

Published on November 7th, 2022

Last updated on October 2nd, 2023