Viterbi Filezilla

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) programs such as FileZilla allow you transfer files between a remote computer such as your home computer or wireless laptop and files you have stored on a file server. SFTP is the secure version of FTP.

Downloading FileZilla

FileZilla is freely available for download at USC’s main software page. However, the USC version has a bug that doesn’t display folders correctly. We recommend downloading FileZilla directly from

To download FileZilla:

  1. Access the following web address:
  2. Select the client for your operating system.
  3. You will get a pop-up box asking you to “Open” or “Save”. Select “Open” to begin installation immediately. Select “Save” if you wish to download a copy but install at a later date or on a different computer.

Configuring FileZilla for First Time Use
To launch FileZilla,
click: “Start - All Programs – Internet Tools –
FileZilla – FileZilla”.

  1. Click the “New Site” button and.
  2. Type vsoesftp as the site’s name.
  3. Type as the host.
  4. Select “SFTP” from the dropdown list.
  5. Select “Ask for password” as the Logon type.
  6. Enter vsoe\ in the User field.
  7. (i.e. vsoe\ttrojan).
  8. Click OK to save this site.

Launching FileZilla Once Configured
Now that you have created the vsoesftp site, you may access it in the future by doing the following:

  1. Start FileZilla.
  2. Click “vsoesftp” from the list.
  3. Click “Connect”.
  4. Enter your password when prompted.

Transferring Files.
The simplest method of copying files from one location to another is to click and drag them.

  1. Display the folder of where the file is to be copied to.
  2. Locate the file you wish to copy.
  3. Drag the file to the destination folder.


  1. Hold down CONTROL to select multiple non-contiguous files.
  2. Hold down SHIFT to select multiple contiguous files.

Published on September 26th, 2017

Last updated on July 7th, 2023