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Viterbi Image Archive & Communications Storage Server

The Viterbi Image Archive is a shared resource open to all offices/groups within the Viterbi School. The image archive contains a semi-sorted selection of Viterbi related images/scans/photos/videos. This is intended to be a resource for the entire school so we can more efficiently share our common resources.

  • Uploaded files should be placed in the appropriate directory (to help later you should include a text or word file with any relevant information such as usage rights, photographer, general notes, captions if available, etc..) To help find the images it is best if you rename the images or include meta(description) data with them, either in the file or in a text file.
  • This is a raw image archive, please remove low resolution copies of images, bad images, and duplicates. Any file should only be in one directory.
  • Do not delete images unless you uploaded them.
  • Do not rename/move/modify existing images unless you uploaded them, you should always make a local copy of an image before making modifications

Accessing the server:

The ViterbiStorage Archives are now on OneDrive.  Please contact Jason Dziegielewski for access.

If you would like access to the system or have any questions or problems please contact Jason Dziegielewski.

Published on June 8th, 2017

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022