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Viterbi MyDesktop VDI

What is Viterbi MyDesktop?

Viterbi MyDesktop (VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is the virtual computing resource available to students of select engineering classes.

Viterbi MyDesktop is intended to provide Viterbi students with access to engineering and scientific software packages whose licensing terms prohibit their installation on personally owned computers, involve complex installation procedures, or require elevated hardware resources for satisfactory experience. The intent is to provide access to installed software on any device from anywhere and at any time.

You can access the VDI by clicking here

Please note that this is different from the USC ITS administered Cloudapps. For more information on Cloudapps, please click on this link.

Virtual Desktop Pools
Viterbi MyDesktop currently uses VMWare Horizon virtual desktop technology. Virtual desktops supported on MyDesktop run Windows software only.

  1. General Desktop with light 3D graphics acceleration.
  2. Enhanced Desktop with heavier 3D graphics requirements.
  3. C-Enhanced Desktop with higher computational requirements with modest 3D graphics requirements.
  4. Forensics Desktop with higher computational requirements with modest 3D graphics requirements. This pool is sandboxed.

Who has access to Viterbi MyDesktop?
All Viterbi classes have access to the Enhanced and General desktop pools.

My class has access. How do I get on?

Please click MyDesktop Logon Instructions for the step by step PDF.

How do I request for software to be installed?

Please click here for how to request installation of new instructional software

Classroom Support

Viterbi IT services a host of classrooms and labs. For a list of all the classrooms supported, click here.

Responsible Unit: Viterbi IT
Contact: Viterbi IT Service Desk
Telephone: 213-740-0517
Email Address:

Engineering Computing Center (SAL125)

The Engineering Computing Center (ECC) is an open study space with three adjacent classrooms. Located in SAL 125, the ECC can be entered from the west side of SAL (Salvatori Computer Science Center).

SAL 109, 126, and 127 are connected to the ECC. The ECC contains PCs for students taking at least one Viterbi class during the semester to log into and use. Computing labs may be reserved for hands-on instruction. The ECC has short-term Mac loaner laptops, long-term Windows loaner laptops, and a Wēpa kiosk printer available.

As of 9/2/2022, all long term loaner laptops has been borrowed. You are welcome to inquire if any laptops has been returned early by emailing Please note that all long term loaners have a return date in December 2022.

On-site support for the ECC is available at the front desk in SAL 125.
Contact: (213) 740-1062

Fall, 2022 Semester Operating Hours

Sunday to Saturday: Open 24/7

The ECC is closed during all USC holidays.

Lost and Found

We understand that sometimes it’s easy to forget items in the Engineering Computing Center. If you have misplaced something, check with the front desk to see if the item was turned in. Please provide a description of the item especially if there’s anything on the item that could denote ownership. Items not picked up within a reasonable amount of time will be discarded or until drawer is full.

For more information regarding the ECC, please click here.

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Published on October 9th, 2019

Last updated on September 6th, 2022