VSOE WP Posts Feed

The VSOE WP Posts Widget

The VSOE WP Posts Widget makes it easy to display a WordPress posts feed on your site. You can display the widget in any widget area placed in a Cornerstone layout or a sidebar, and you can display multiple feeds on your site.

The widget displays blog posts (but not pages) hosted on the site.

Post titles in the widget view are linked to the original post.

If there is a featured image assigned to a post, it will appear in the feed as well.

The posts widget is accessed via Appearance > Widgets in the WP Admin screen.

To set up a new feed, drag the widget into an empty widget area.


The widget requires three configuration options:

  • Title (This will appear at the top of the feed)
  • The category from which posts should be displayed.
  • The number of posts to display.

You can create multiple feeds by dragging the widget into multiple widget areas and configuring the options of each widget area. The settings for a given widget area apply only to that widget area.

To display a feed, in Cornerstone, insert a widget area into your layout and select the widget area into which you dragged the widget in the "Setup" step.

Published on July 31st, 2017

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022