Webtools - Academic Services

Currently Available Academic Services Tools. Please contact Jason Dziegielewski with any questions and for gaining access to the tools for your department. All tools are available via the myViterbi System at: http://myviterbi.usc.edu

  • Academic Integrity Case Tracking System - Available to all Viterbi Faculty and used to generate the necessary forms necessary to submit student academic integrity cases to SJACKS. The system then acts as a tracking tool allowing the faculty to view the status of the case at any point in time.
  • Advisement Appointment - Used by several departments to manage academic advisors available office hours and student appointments. Advisors block off the time they want to make available for appointments and students can log in and choose the appointment that works for them.
  • D-Clearance Manager - Used by several departments to manage the request process for Department Clearance. This tool allows the department to customize the available classes and some of the rules around D-Clearance requests to match their needs. Students then go to a website to make requests. The system allows the department to track and maintain a record of requests.
  • Directed Research Management - Used by several departments to manage directed research requests, approvals, and collect grades. Students use the system to submit a request after speaking with a faculty member. The faculty member then is prompted to approve/deny the request. The academic advisors have access to view the status of requests. At the end of the term grade requests can be sent to the faculty for all approved students.
  • Document Repository - An online document resource that is available to departments to easily make files available to a custom/select audience of Viterbi Faculty/Staff.
  • Equipment Inventory Manager - Used by the Viterbi IT office and Departmental IT groups to catalog and track equipment. The system is most widely used for IT related equipment but it can be used to track any item.
  • Faculty Application Manager - Used by several departments to gather potential faculty applications as well as letters of reference then allows for a departmental committee to review these submissions and record recommendations and comments for each member.
  • Grader Applications - Used by several departments to manage the grader application process. The system allows for students to apply to be a grader with the department. Faculty then have access to view these applications and make an offer to the student they want to grade their class. Students are then sent an email asking them to accept/decline the offer. Once an offer is accepted the payroll person within the department is notified as well as the faculty.
  • Placement Exam Manager - Used by Electrical Engineering to manage the sign up and score processes for their placement exams. Students sign up online for the tests they wish to take then scores are recorded so the student can view results as well as the academic advisors.
  • PhD Application Viewer - Available to all Viterbi departments this tool allows faculty to view PhD Applications as well as letter of recommendation that have been submitted to USC. Some departments use this system to track faculty comments and recommendations as well as additional information such as campus visits.
  • Schedule of Classes Exporter - A tool that is available to all academic advisors allowing them to export data from the USC schedule of classes.
  • Teaching Assistant System - Used by several departments to manage the teaching assistant application and selection process. The system allows for students to apply online. Faculty can then review these applicants and give preferences as to whom they want to TA their class. An administrator can then go in and do assignments. Once assignments are made the system can be used to notify students. At the end of the term the system can be used to gather student evaluations of the TAs.
  • Textbook Request Manager - Used by several departments to manage the process of requesting textbooks. It allows for faculty to log in and either enter or select the book they wish to use for their upcoming classes. The department staff that is responsible for ordering can then log in and view the outstanding requests and update the status of requests.

Published on November 16th, 2017

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022