Who Can Access This Software?

Viterbi School provides free Overleaf Professional accounts for all Viterbi faculty, students, and staff.

Eligibility criteria for students include those who are in an engineering major or non-engineering students enrolled in at least one engineering class during the current semester.

Please note that if you are a non-engineering student and no longer taking at least one engineering class, your Overleaf license will revert back to the “free” version.


Overleaf is an online collaborative scientific writing and publishing tool. It is designed to make the process of writing, editing, and producing scientific papers much quicker for both you and your collaborators. Overleaf can also be linked to other services such as arXiv, Git and Plot.ly to best fit into your workflow.

Overleaf Professional accounts provide:

  • Online collaboration in LaTeX or RichText within one editing platform - easily switch between either mode.
  • Real-time collaboration in your browser for sharing and editing projects with authorized users. You can remove collaborators at any time.
  • Real-time track changes and visible collaborator cursor(s).
  • Real-time preview of projects to view the PDF version of your document while editing and writing - type on the left and see your typeset document on the right.
  • Full history view of your projects - see all changes made for the entire life of the project, with the ability to revert to any past change.
  • Integrated, streamlined publishing - allows you to publish immediately and directly to the journal of your choice with an integrated submission system to dozens of publishing partners.
  • Unlimited number of invited collaborators (& link sharing) with advanced access control for protected projects.
  • Two-way sync with Dropbox and GitHub.
  • Reference manager sync and advanced reference search.
  • Priority support.

How to Access This Software

All Viterbi faculty, students, and staff can log in using their USCNet ID and password through

New user: After USC SSO and DUO 2-Factor authentication (2FA), a new Overleaf Professional account with access to premium features will be provisioned for you.

Existing Overleaf user: After USC SSO and DUO 2FA, you will be presented with the option to link USC NetID with your Overleaf account. After linking your account, premium features of Overleaf Professional account will be accessible to you. All your existing data/projects shall remain intact.


Published on March 27th, 2020

Last updated on March 20th, 2024