Viterbi Accounts and Services


MyViterbi is the main landing page for Viterbi School of Engineering Online Resources

Viterbi Service Desk

Report a problem, request information technology services, or ask a question, please use any of the following and it will be submitted to the Viterbi Service Desk.

Telephone Number: 213-740-0517

VSoE Password Manager

If you forgot your password or need to reset it:

If your computer is joined to the VSOE domain, you may change your password by depressing the keys ALT CTRL DEL and select CHANGE PASSWORD from the dialog box that pops up.

USC Accounts and Services

USC Account Activation

All USC faculty, staff, and students must activate their USC NetID account to have access a variety of computing resources at USC.

USC DUO Two Factor Authentication Services

Duo two-factor authentication (2FA) is required for all USC faculty, staff, students, and iVIP affiliates when logging into USC electronic services such as AnyConnect VPN, USC email, etc.

USC DUO Two Factor Authentication Key Fob

Duo provides offline authentication options for times when you lack cell service or when using 2FA could cause you to incur extra cellphone charges, such as when you are traveling internationally. If a physical token is required, you can purchase a physical token (OATH-HOTP compatible tokens) like Yubikey or Fido. Replacement fobs are at department/school/individual cost.


Some USC online services will require a connection through on-campus Secure Wireless or a wired connection. USC offers a VPN that provides secure remote access while off-campus.

USC ITS Password Management

ITS provides a USC NetID password management tool to change passwords, manage 2FA devices, and more.


iVIP is a program for individuals that are not student, staff, or faculty but whom the University wishes to extend its services to.

Published on July 11th, 2017

Last updated on April 2nd, 2024