Slack Workspaces

USC provides Slack Workspaces. If you would like to request a Workspace for your group, please provide the following information below to or complete the following form. Please note that we could make the request on your behalf but if your use case does not fit into the University's use case for Slack Workspace, it may be denied.

Note: This form is for Viterbi School of Engineering use only. If you are not a faculty or staff from the Viterbi School of Engineering, please inquire with your School's IT Department for assistance.

  1. Name of admin for Workspace
  2. Email of admin for Workspace
  3. Reason for the new Slack Workspace
  4. Preferred name and URL for the Workspace (For example, USC Viterbi School of Engineering -
  5. Name of Additional admins
  6. Approximately how many users will be using this Workspace?
  7. Set Access for Workspace - How will your members use this space? (Choose one)
    • Open - Anyone in your organization will be able to join this workspace
    • By Request - Members can request to join this workspace
    • Invite only - Members must be invited by a Workspace Owner or Admin
    • Hidden - This workspace will be hidden from the rest of your organization. Members must be invited by a Workspace Owner or Admin
  8. What department or unit are you affiliated with?
  9. Does your department or unit already have Slack Workspace?
  10. Notes (Any other information you would like to share)

Slack Workspace Form

The information requested will be sent to Viterbi Service Desk

Published on November 8th, 2022

Last updated on June 20th, 2024