D-Clearance and Pre-Requisite Waiver Request Manager

The D-Clearance and Pre-Requisite Waiver Request Manager is a tool used to gather and manage D-Clearance requests.

  • Recommended if your department has D-Clearance courses
  • Users in this System
    • AME, BME, CEE, CS, EE, ISE, Engineering Student Affairs
  • The Workflow
    • Students fill out a request for a D-Clearance course they would like to take
    • Departmental Staff Approves/Denies the request
  • Departmental Staff Options
    • Manage Department Information
    • Manage Email Notifications
  • Departmental Staff Options (Per Semester)
    • Manage Terms – what terms can student request for
    • Manage Courses – Update before the start of each term
    • Manage Course Notes
    • Manage Course Groups
    • Manage Announcements
  • Departmental Staff Options (Per Student Requests)
    • Approve/Deny Requests
    • Manage the Waitlist
    • Create Approval List for SIS

Published on September 6th, 2018

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022