Viterbi IT Staff


Michael Goay

Executive Director of Information Technology
Michael provides the vision and leadership in information technology necessary to advance the USC Viterbi School of Engineering's mission and strategic plan. As the Executive Director of Information Technology, he offers direction and support for effectively applying and integrating information technology to improve the school's teaching, learning, research, and administrative environment. Michael comes to the Viterbi School from the Internet and healthcare sectors with over 30 years of IT experience. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, and a M.S. in Health Informatics from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Operations Team


John Ng

Manager of IT Operations
John leads the Viterbi IT Operations Group to provide client computing support and management services in support of academic, administrative and research activities. He oversees operations of service desk, teaching labs, and managed-access student computing labs. He is also responsible for end-user communications and training. John comes to the Viterbi School after managing the network, IT Projects and the Help Desk of a Fine Arts Museum and Art Reference Library in New York City. John studied at New York University for a M.S. in Management and Systems. He has professional certifications from Microsoft, Novell, and CompTIA.

Richard Bennett
Computer Consultant Specialist
Richard serves as tier 1 and 2 service desk support. He comes to the Viterbi School after working 5 years as a Computer Consultant Specialist in ITS User Labs. He has professional certifications from Microsoft and CompTIA.

Dante Galindo
Computer Services Consultant
Dante joins the Viterbi School of Engineering from the private sector in medical IT, where he provided desktop and end-user support for physicians. Currently providing end-user support for faculty, staff, and students whenever and wherever he is called upon for help. Dante also has professional CompTIA certifications.

Daniel Yip
Computer Services Consultant
Daniel comes from the USC Advancement Department. He previously worked for an IT consultant company and provided desktop support for Pasadena City College. He graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a major in sociology.

Miranda Brown
Computer Services Consultant
Miranda joins the Viterbi School of Engineering, providing computer support for faculty, staff, and students. Previously, she worked at Los Angeles Unified School District providing desktop and mobile device support for their instructional technology initiative across multiple school sites. She graduated from California State University, Long Beach, earning a B.S. in Management Information Systems

Jeffrey Huynh
Computer Services Consultant
Jeff comes to Viterbi from the private sector specializing in manufacturing and selling advanced gaming computers. During his time there, he provided operational support to the various departments within the company. Jeffrey brings his expertise over to the Viterbi School supporting faculty, staff and students. He has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of California, Irvine.

April Loeza
Computer Services Consultant
April joins Viterbi IT after stint with a game developer. Her previous responsibilities include configuring and troubleshooting hardware and software issues for on-site and remote users.

Robert Rivas
Computer Services Consultant
Robert overlooks the day-to-day operations in the Engineering Computing Center. He assists the faculty and students with any technical problems in the computing center. He joins Viterbi IT after spending nearly five years as a freelance technician.

An Pham
Computer Services Consultant
An assists in the maintenance of the 24/7 Engineering Computing Center. He has responsibility to ensure classes go on without a problem. He supervises student workers to help the Engineering Computing Center run smoothly. He graduated from the University of California, Merced, with a Computer Science degree and has web development experience.

Abraham Alatorre
Computer Services Consultant
Abraham works for the Engineering Computing Center and helps faculty, staff, and students to ensure everything runs properly. He addresses questions or concerns regarding laptop and desktop support, classrooms assistance, etc. Previously he worked for Human-I-T in providing support for clients looking to buy refurbished computers, tested out computer desktops and other technology items to see if it was still in working condition. Abraham graduated from California State University, Fullerton and received his B.A. in Information Systems.

Enterprise Systems Team


Kenny Wang

Manager of Enterprise Systems
Kenny Wang leads the Viterbi Enterprise Systems Group to provide utility computing in support of academic, administrative and research activities. He oversees operations of systems infrastructure, data backup, infrastructure security and data center management.

Chris Badua
System Administrator
Chris administers server systems and data centers of the Viterbi School. He also serves as tier 2 support for computer service desk, teaching labs, and managed-access student computing labs. Chris has extensive experience in administering servers of various platforms and versed in storage technologies. He received his M.S. Degree in Computer Science & Computer Engineering from Cal State Long Beach, and his B.S. Degree in Computer Science from Cal State Los Angeles.

Alexis Maitchoukow
System Administrator
Alexis joins Viterbi School of Engineering from Fidelity Information Services, where he provided desktop, server, and network support for over 150 banks. He is excited about joining the Viterbi Enterprise Systems team and looking forward to assist in the school's technology efforts.

Loc Vo
System Administrator
Loc Vo is responsible for optimizing and maintaining the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure used by instructional and staff. He joined USC Viterbi from Raytheon where he had a similar role specializing in Virtualization. Loc received his M.S. in Information Technology from Cal State Fullerton University.​

Mario Cueto
System Administrator
Mario started with Viterbi IT Operations in 2013, providing tier 1 and tier 2 support. He then joined the Viterbi Enterprise team in 2018, where he helps manage Viterbi IT data centers and assists in cybersecurity.

Information Services Team


Jason Dziegielewski

Manager of Information Services
Jason leads the Viterbi Digital Communication and Information Services Group to support school-wide information systems and related resources in support of academic, administrative and research activities. Jason has served at various capacities within the Viterbi School since 1998. He is instrumental to building the foundation of applications and services that are being institutionalized for school-wide use. Jason holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from USC.

Programmer Analyst Team

Taha Kapadia
Programmer Analyst
Taha provides technical expertise in the design, development and production of the Viterbi online web tools & databases, using a variety of state-of-the-art IT platforms, using the existing USC Viterbi web and databases as the foundation. He joins the Viterbi Digital Communication and Information Services department after working as Web/Database Developer for the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Taha believes that nothing is impossible in this world; if one gives his/her best shot then everything is possible. Even when the results are far from ideal, he finds the whole ceremony of creativity completely enthralling. He is self-motivated, results oriented, have a strong work ethic individual, who always looks forward to learn new things. Taha holds a M.S in Management Information System from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a B.E in Computer Science from a private university in India.

Ramsey Nasr
Programmer Analyst
Prior to joining University of Southern California, Ramsey was the Sr. Web Developer at Peninsula Visa where he single-handedly designed, developed, launched, and improved Peninsula Visa’s custom content management solutions, to manage and scale their concierge procurement of government visa and passport services. Ramsey has experience as a consultant, working with a diverse range of clients across various industries to conceptualize and realize their digital strategies, helping them achieve their business objectives. Ramsey earned a Bachelor of Computer Science with Honors from York University, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and has a solid foundation in web development, having worked full time at York University while completing his degree. During his third year of study, he also taught at Seneca College.

Joseph Badua
Programmer Analyst
Joseph provides assistance in the maintenance of the Viterbi online web tools & databases. As the newest addition to the Viterbi Information Services team, Joseph learned web development and programming through a Full Stack coding boot camp offered by the University of Riverside, California's continuing education center. He loves learning new things and create applications that positively impact others. He is excited to embark on his programming career here in Viterbi.

Robbie Goldberg
Programmer Analyst
Before joining USC's Programmer Analyst Team, Robbie worked as a gameplay programmer, contributing to several indie game titles that successfully shipped to market. His focus lay primarily in enhancing user experience through the development of intuitive player controls, robust physics systems, and comprehensive tutorial sequences. Robbie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Cornell University and a Master of Science in Computer Science from University of Southern California. He has several years of internship experience in software development and IT technician roles, as well as a solid educational foundation in object-oriented programming, functional programming, web development, and database management.

Web Development Team

Tim Harrington
Web Developer
Before joining USC, Timothy enjoyed a unique career that spanned both the artistic field of entertainment and the technical sphere of web development. He served as a consultant, lending his expertise to prestigious brands like Paramount, Nickelodeon, Sony, and the City of Hope Research Center. In 2016, Timothy became part of the Viterbi team, where he played a key role in the transition to and development of the Viterbi Web Platform.

Elaine Huynh
Web Developer
Elaine has extensive web development and digital marketing experience in government, local businesses, video game industry, and mainly higher education.

Research IT Services


Jesus Mendoza

Manager of Research IT Services
Jesus leads the Research IT Services Group to provide research operational IT consultation that addresses the needs of research groups across the Viterbi School and collaborates with faculty to develop joint solutions, in ways that contribute to the development of sustainable and effective research IT solutions. His group also supports faculty in system configuration, administration, security, and maintenance of research systems. Jesus brings 20+ years of expertise in technical and management roles in academic and research-oriented environments. He has worked closely with compliance and security to ensure systems follow the highest standards, aiming to protect research data without slowing down researchers' scientific discoveries or adding unnecessary complexity to their workflows.

Adam Banuelos
Systems Engineer
Adam assists the Research IT Services Group in providing consultation and support to Viterbi School research groups. He has several years of experience developing, implementing, and supporting information technology systems in education. Adam is solutions-oriented and is passionate about providing an environment that makes the people he supports feel empowered by technology.

Madeline Sharpe
Systems Engineer
Madeline provides expert support for Linux systems for research groups within the Viterbi School of Engineering. She has worked at Snap Inc previously as a Systems Engineer intern. Some technologies she’s interested in and spends her free time learning about are cloud infrastructure, machine learning, and, of course, Linux. She hopes her experience in the field can help researchers spend more time on research and less time on managing their computing environments.

Published on June 15th, 2017

Last updated on May 21st, 2024