Proofpoint End User Digest User Guide

About Proofpoint

Proofpoint is an email security product that serves as a security gatekeeper for USC email servers. The product inspects many message attributes and currently has a high degree of success detecting spam and malicious emails. Once examined, legitimate messages are routed to the recipient's mailbox, while Proofpoint quarantines suspected spam and malicious emails.

What is Proofpoint End User Digest?

Proofpoint End User Digest is a summary email from that you receive twice daily, around 7 AM and 2 PM Pacific Time. It contains a list of the suspected spam quarantined since the previous digest was sent. The digest lets you preview the subject and sender of the quarantined messages. In the rare event that a message classified as spam is legitimate, the message can be released to your inbox with a click of the link. The digest can then be deleted like any other email.

When will you begin to receive Proofpoint End User Digest?

Proofpoint End User Digest will be rolled out by ITS in phases to Viterbi constituents under the below schedule:

Full-time faculty 5/2/23
Full-time staff TBD
Part-time faculty TBD
Part-time staff TBD

What can you do with Proofpoint End User Digest email?

  1. Release - releases the email from the Proofpoint quarantine and delivers it to your inbox. (Note: if you have a Junk E-mail or spam filter enabled on your desktop mail client such as Outlook, the filter may also place the released email into a Junk folder. Consequently, if you do not see the released email in your inbox, check your mail client's Junk folder.)
  2. Allow Sender – allows all future emails from this sender to your inbox.
  3. Block Sender – blocks all future emails from this sender to your inbox.

    Three additional links are located at the bottom of the End User Digest email.

  4. Request New End User Digest - sends you an updated End User Digest reflecting all of your quarantined emails plus any email filtered since your last digest was sent.

  5. Request Safe/Blocked Senders List - sends a summary of your Safe and Blocked Senders. The summary includes further links to add or delete senders.
  6. Manage My Account - opens a web page that accesses your account on the Proofpoint Protection Server. You may view quarantined messages, access your safe/blocked senders list, and perform other management functions

Email FAQs

Proofpoint Account FAQs

Where can I get further assistance?

For additional questions or concerns, please get in touch with the ITS Customer Support Center at or 213-740-5555.

Published on April 25th, 2023

Last updated on July 7th, 2023