The University recognizes the vital role played in and for the USC community by individuals who are not students, faculty or staff. The iVIP program was established by USC Information Technology Services to provide an efficient and secure process for departments within the University to sponsor such individuals for a variety of electronically provided or managed services.

Who is a VIP?
VIP is anyone who is not a regular student, faculty or staff but to whom the University would extend its services to. VIP may receive services in order to fulfill the role he/she plays in the University community or as a recognition of his/her relationship to the University.


  • Volunteer faculty
  • Visiting faculty who is/will not be on USC payroll
  • Affiliated organization employees
  • Medical Resident (includes Interns)
  • Research Fellow
  • Exchange Visitor for whom USC employment is not expected
  • Visiting Scholar
  • ROTC Officer
  • Temporary Agency staff
  • UPC Health Center patients
  • Vendor

Who may become a VIP?
VIP's are sponsored by the organizational unit with which they are affiliated. Each organization unit determines whom to sponsor and the services to be requested. "Sponsors" are identified to make those decisions on behalf of the organization unit. Each sponsoring unit also has "Administrators" who access the iVIP system to create VIP accounts, generate 10-digit USCID#, and request services.
International Scholars and Visitors require processing through the Office for International Services as well as their sponsoring departments. For assistance or more information, contact j1exchg@usc.edu

Services Supported
The following services may be requested for VIP's:

  • USCID only assignment
  • USC Blackboard access for instructional roles
  • USC Electronic mail service using an @usc.edu mail account*
  • myUSC Portal
  • USC ID card issuance
  • USC Library Electronic Resources
  • USC Web
  • Lynda.com
  • Listing in the online USC white pages
  • Access to the online USC whites pages for student listings
  • ITS Software Distribution

* VIP email accounts are in a distinctive format, composed of the individual's initials and a random set of three digits (e.g., abc_987@usc.edu).

USCID Only Assignment
Obtain 10-digit USCID for various purposes such as US travel visa application, USC housing application, etc.

USC Blackboard
Blackboard Instructor sponsors the VIP for access to the Blackboard course management system in the role of instructor. University policy prohibits VIPs being either students or teaching assistants in courses carrying degree credit. [To enable Blackboard access, email must be sent to Blackboard Support (blackboard@usc.edu) with the VIP's name and USC ID number, and the course (three digit) and class (five digit) numbers for the section the VIP will be teaching.]

USC Email
Email gives the VIP a usc.edu email account. The account name will include the VIP's initials, an underscore, and three digits (e.g., tm_008@usc.edu).

HPCC is a High Performance computing resource.

my.USC.edu Portal
Portal gives the VIP access to the my.USC portal.

USCID card
USCard Services supports the issuance of a USCard to the VIP. When requesting a USCard, your Viterbi iVIP administrators will send an email to vipcard@usc.edu on your behalf. (Info included in the email: the VIP’s name, USCID number, the type of affiliation, start date, end date, and the contact info of the departmental sponsor.)

USC Library Electronic Resources
Provides access to USC libraries online information resources from off campus or from USC wireless. In general, access is restricted by license agreements to USC faculty, staff and students, so may not be provided to all requesters. Include justification for qualifying for this service in the Notes. VIPs who do not qualify will be notified. Contact hscaccts@usc.edu or ils@usc.edu for further information.

VPN is a secure method of accessing USC computer resources. It provides a user with a virtual USC IP address that allows access to USC resources that restrict access to such addresses.

Provides access to web sites managed by non-ITS departments.

Over 900 online video-based courses on a broad range of topics, including Google Apps, Microsoft Office, Adobe products, web design and development, audio/video production, computing programming languages, mobile technology, social networking, among others. These courses are broken into 5-15 minute tutorials that are taught by subject-matter experts. These courses can be accessed anytime as self-paced learning.

ITS Software Distribution
University licensed computer software distributed by ITS.

White Pages Listing
White Pages Listing includes the VIP in the online Faculty, Staff and Affiliate Directory. VIP listings include name, title, sponsoring department and email address.

White Pages Retrieval
White Pages Retrieval allows the VIP to look up students in the online Student Directory. To enable White Pages Retrieval, the Generic Account service must also be selected.

What do you need to register a VIP?
Please gather and supply the following data to your designated department iVIP sponsor for processing.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address (non-USC)
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Permanent Address
  • Local Address
  • Reason(s) for iVIP registration (please state whom the VIP will work with, and on what project)
  • Start Date
  • End Date

Here is a list of Viterbi department iVIP sponsors:

  • AME: Dennis Plocher
  • ASTE: Dell Cuason
  • BME: Karen Johnson
  • CEE: Anabel Diaz, Vangie Reyes
  • CHEMS: Diana Vuong
  • CS: Angela Inostroza-Hoffman, Steve Schrader
  • ECE: Gerrielyn Ramos, Ted Low
  • ECE-Electrophysics: Kim Reid
  • ISE: Shelly Lewis
  • ISI: Melissa Snearl-Smith
  • CACS: Patricia Wong
  • K-12 STEM: Katie Mills, Darin Gray
  • VASE-Undergraduate: Matthew O'Pray
  • VASE-Graduate: Andy Jones-Liang

If you have further questions about the USC iVIP program, please consult Viterbi iVIP administrators:

Published on November 15th, 2017

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022