VSOE Password

Your VSOE password is the password that is associated with your VSOE account.

Your VSOE password is the one that you enter on login prompt when you are accessing the Viterbi Exchange email server, among other VSOE systems. You also use your VSOE password to access your Viterbi webmail at vsoemail.usc.edu.

Effective 2/24/14, your VSOE account must be changed every 365 days in compliance with password policy of USC Information Security Office.

Password Requirements

Your password must comply with policy and needs to meet the following:

  • Must be 16 to 64 characters in length
  • Uppercase letters
  • Lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters &~`!@#$%^*()_+-={}|\/][:; "?<>,.

Please note you do not need to include one from each category. You can use all lowercase letters.  Your best option is to create a phrase that is at least 16 characters in length and easy to remember. For example, “TheLegoMovie” or “theempirestrikesback.”

Additionally, your password may not:

  • Be your first name, last name, or USC username
  • Be in the form of "firstname.lastname"
  • Be all numbers
  • Contain spaces
  • Be your previous (24) passwords

Any of the above that is used in your password will not be accepted. Please note there is a triviality check which means the previous password should not be a substring of the new one.

System Requirements

Below is a list of the systems that require your VSOE password. When you change your VSOE password, the change will apply to the systems below.

  • Viterbi Private Cloud Storage system (e.g., CrashPlan Pro).
  • Viterbi Network File Server (e.g., VSOEFS).
  • Viterbi Exchange Email.
    • Outlook or other email clients that you use to connect to the School’s Exchange email server.
    • Mobile phones that connect to the Exchange email server.
    • Outlook Web Access (http://vsoemail.usc.edu).
  • If your computer is joined to the VSOE Windows Active Directory domain and you need to log in to your office computer each morning.

Please note that your VSOE password is NOT associated with systems administered with USC NetID account credentials such as, but not limited to, MyViterbi, Office365, USC Blackboard, etc.

Other Requirements

After changing your VSOE password, you will also need to update your password in any other programs or mobile devices such as your smartphone or tablets where your password has been stored. This includes email applications such as mobile email app, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.

Published on June 8th, 2017

Last updated on May 21st, 2024