Wordpress Syndicated Content

"Syndicated content" refers to web content hosted on one site and displayed on another. For Viterbi School of Engineering sites, this means that News and Media Coverage posts are hosted and managed on the main Viterbi School site at https://viterbischool.usc.edu and displayed on other Viterbi School sites.

The Viterbi School of Engineering Syndicated Content plugin enables this functionality and provides four different views.

Featured Research View

Featured Research View

The Featured Research view displays up to six News, Media Coverage, and/or custom slides.View how-to documentation »

Automated List View

Featured Research View The Automated List view displays a configurable number of the latest News or Media Coverage posts assigned to the site's corresponding category on the Viterbi School site. Posts are displayed automatically from newest to oldest and cannot be individually chosen. 02/2018: Added feature: combined News and Media Coverage automated listing View how-to documentation »

Custom List View

Custom Listing View The Custom List view displays a configurable number of News and/or Media Coverage posts. Each post is manually selected. View how-to documentation »

Published on August 1st, 2017

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022