Viterbi Common Web Calendar

The Viterbi Web Calendar ( is open to all Viterbi Faculty and Staff to post events. This is a public calendar and we encourage you to post all open/public events in this system. You can visit the calendar by clicking on the Events Link under the About menu on the Viterbi School site or from the homepage in the events section). Once you post to the Viterbi Calendar your events will automatically be available to several systems:

  • Viterbi Web Calendar - This is the calendar accessible from all Viterbi Pages. This calendar can also be embedded onto Department webpages.
  • Viterbi RSS Feeds - These feeds are available for all to use and are compliant with RSS 2.0 specifications. RSS Feeds can be used on the USC Portal, outside Portals such as MyYahoo, Google, etc.., as well as in browsers that support RSS such as Firefox. For a complete list of available Viterbi RSS Feeds visit:
  • RTH Digital Signage - The RTH Digital Signage system consists of approx a dozen screens distributed between the first, second and fifth floors of Ronald Tutor Hall.
  • Weekly Faculty/Staff Email - Each Monday morning an email is sent to all Faculty and Staff of the Viterbi School listing the events for the coming week.

Reminders when posting an event:

  • Always include a start and approximate end time. If you do not include the times some systems will not accept your events, namely the screens in RTH require a valid start and end time.
  • Always be sure to include a location or a URL for more information so people can find your event
  • Be as descriptive and concise as possible with your event titles. Many of the systems only display the event title and if you say "Seminar Today" that does not really give the viewer a reason to go or learn more about your event. If you said: "EE Seminar on Microprocessors by Dr. xyz" then it tells people right away what the event is and why they would want to attend.

How to Use the Viterbi Events Calendar:

Visit the Viterbi Events Calendar Tutorial for an overview of how to:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I register for the Calendar?
A: Visit the calendar by clicking on the link above and then click on the Logon or Update button in the top right of calendar. Then click on the Request an account. Once you fill out the form, we will verify your affiliation with the Viterbi School and then you will be emailed with approval.
Q: May we have students post events for us?
A: Yes, you can have a student post events for your department. You need to email Jason Dziegielewski ( the name of the student so the account will be approved then have your student register as a new user. Be sure to let us know when the student should no longer have access.

Published on November 10th, 2017

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022