Getting Assistance

If you encounter problems with your computer or accounts, please use our online service request form at


Blackboard is a learning management system (LMS) that allows faculty to communicate with their students online. Both faculty and students can login using their USC username and password at: For complete information, please visit the Blackboard page.

Please be advised that the School’s Master and Professional Programs (MAPP) has an online learning portal powered by Blackboard through the Distance Education Network (DEN). This portal allows students and professional program participants enrolled in a DEN section to logon and gain access to course materials. Please note this portal address in case you experience difficulty with the DEN main page you should try access via this portal.

Software Version of Outlook

Office – This is already loaded and configured for you on your office computer.

Email @ USC

Office 365 storage limits for mailboxes are different for different subscription plans and depend on the mailbox type and license assigned to a user. The standard mailbox size is 50 gigabytes (GB). If additional storage is required, please contact Viterbi IT.

USC students are offered a USC-branded Google email account.

At Viterbi, Office365 is the primary email system used by staff. USC ITS will delete emails older than 16 months from ITS’s central email servers.

Access the USC email as follows:

  • Location:
  • Username: The part of your USC email address to the left of the @ symbol.
  • Password: Set by you during account activation.


USC inserts the text <<spam?>> into the subject line of any email it suspects of being SPAM. See the Using Outlook Spam Filter on creating a rule to automatically delete or move SPAM to another folder. If a piece of SPAM makes it into your inbox, you may also forward the email to

Network Storage – Viterbi

Viterbi IT provides personal storage space for you on Viterbi file servers. Summary information is below. For more detailed information, please visit our Viterbi Network Storage page.

Network Storage Access

You may access your individual storage from any Viterbi computer that you have logged on to with your VSOE account.

Network Storage – USC

USC ITS provides you with 50MB of network drive space. You must use a secure FTP program such as FileZilla to access this site. FileZilla can be downloaded at:

  • Host Name:
  • Port Number: 22 (For secure FTP)
  • User Name: Your USC username
  • Password: Your USC password

Published on July 7th, 2017

Last updated on November 23rd, 2022