USC Email Information

Microsoft Office 365 is the default email system for USC faculty and staff. Office 365 storage limits for mailboxes are different for different subscription plans and depend on the mailbox type and license assigned to a user. The standard mailbox size is 50 gigabytes (GB). If additional storage is required, please contact Viterbi IT. USC Students are provisioned with USC-branded Gmail accounts.

USC Email uses your USC NetID login credentials. You can activate your USC account at: During this process, you will be given your USC NetID and you will be able to designate a password to secure your account.

Accessing USC Email

Username: The part of your USC email address to the left to the @ symbol.
Password: Set by you during account activation.

USC Email Policies

USC Email Policy - 16 month email retention limit
USC Email Policy FAQ

Forgotten Passwords:

If you have forgotten your USC password or username, please contact ITS at (213) 740-5555. You can also reset your password here.

Forwarding Your USC Web Mail to Another Address

If you wish to forward your USC Web Mail e-mail to another e-mail address, please follow these steps:

  1. Logon to USC Web Mail at: using your USC user ID and password.
  2. Click the “Gear” icon then select the “Options”.
  3. Under the Forwarding section, type your email address in the box.
  4. Check “Start forwarding”.
  5. Leave “Keep a copy of forwarded messages” unchecked so copies of emails are not left in your USC Web Mail inbox. If this option is left checked, your inbox could fill up and prevent you from receiving inbound emails.
  6. Click “Save” then logout; close your browser.

Proofpoint Email Security

Proofpoint is an email security product that serves as a security gatekeeper for USC email servers. The product inspects many message attributes and currently has a high degree of success detecting spam and malicious emails. Once examined, legitimate messages are routed to the recipient's mailbox, while Proofpoint quarantines suspected spam and malicious emails. Click here to find out more.

USC Email Server Information

IMAP Incoming Mail Server
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL

IMAP Outgoing Mail Server
Port: 587
Encryption method: TLS

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Organization Accounts Form

USC offers Organization Email Accounts. These accounts may be used to represent the Academic Department, Administrative Department or Student groups in email communications. Only faculty or staff may be owners of these accounts. If you would like to have an organization email account for your department, please email the following information to or by completing the form linked here. Viterbi IT will forward your request.

  1. Name - Should be 8 characters or less. Such as
  2. Alias - For example, this would be an alias:
  3. Display Name - For example, this would be display name "John Doe"
  4. Owner - Must be a full time faculty or staff. Please provide your USC Net ID.
  5. Purpose of the account
  6. How long will the account be needed? Some request accounts for a project that have an end date. If you need this account for continuous use, "indefinite" would be fine.


Published on December 16th, 2021

Last updated on May 21st, 2024