Microsoft Azure Dev Tools

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools is a software licensing program for schools and colleges that teach and utilize technology.  USC Viterbi School of Engineering is a participant.  Through this program, eligible USC students, faculty and staff have access to numerous Microsoft software developer and design tools, operating systems, and other products, at no cost, subject to the terms of the program. It also allows eligible individuals to install these tools on their personal computers.

A partial list of available software includes:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1

Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016

Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio 2017

Access 2016

Visio Pro 2019, Visio Pro 2016

Project Pro 2019, Project Pro 2016

SQL Server 2019, SQL Server 2017

The current subscription is valid through June 30, 2023. It is not guaranteed that the subscription will be renewed after that date.

Software is provided for instructional and non-commercial research use only.  Students may continue to use these products for non-commercial purposes, even after they graduate.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools does not provide Microsoft Office at this time. Free copy of Microsoft Office is available to current USC faculty, staff, and students at

Access is given to students, faculty and staff who meet certain requirements. Eligible individuals will sign in using USC NetID login credentials.

Who is eligible?

Student must be taking at least one for-credit engineering course in current semester.

Active Viterbi faculty (inclusive of adjunct and part-time lecturers) must be teaching at least one engineering course, or be doing non-commercial research for the Viterbi School.

Regular Viterbi staff who is active in payroll.

In order to meet licensing requirements and not risk loss of access for all eligible users, access for anyone who no longer meets the criteria described above will be disabled at each semester switch.

Students, faculty, and staff who leave the Viterbi School are able to continue to use software from this license that was installed on their machines prior to their departure.

What technical support is available?

The Viterbi School does not provide technical support for products obtained through this program. The Viterbi School does not troubleshoot or support problems with software installations, errors while using the software, or development with the software. The Viterbi School does not support problems with software obtained through this program on personal computers.

Limited support can be obtained from Microsoft, from the following resources:

Terms and Conditions for Use:

You may not give copies of downloaded software to anyone else. Other qualifying students must obtain software through the dedicated Viterbi Microsoft Azure Dev Tools website.

In order to install certain components of the Product, you may need a Product Key. The Product Key will be assigned solely to install or access the authorized software. You may not disclose the Product Key information to anyone else.

You may use the software for instructional or non-commercial research purposes. You may not use the Program software for any for-profit software development.

When you no longer meet the eligibility criteria above, your access to the dedicated Viterbi Microsoft Azure Dev Tools will be disabled. However, you may continue to use previously installed products on your computer, provided you continue to follow program guidelines.

If you violate the terms of the EULA and the Amendment to the EULA, or the terms and conditions, you may be required to remove the software from your personal-use computer and subject to further disciplinary action.

By clicking on 'I Agree', you agree to the terms of the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools End User License Agreement (EULA), the Amendment to the EULA, and the above terms and conditions for usage of the Microsoft software.

Published on November 13th, 2017

Last updated on November 30th, 2022