Viterbi Network Storage

Viterbi Network Storage is a resource provided to ensure secure locations where Viterbi faculty and staff may store current, work-related documents. Prudent use of this resource ensures that everyone has the storage they need to execute their daily tasks and maintain documents. All users are responsible for managing this resource, which includes deleting obsolete files and non-essential files to keep storage utilization at a minimum. Personal media files such as music files, personal pictures, or video clips are not to be stored on network storage.

Viterbi IT backs up network storage nightly and maintains an off-campus backup to assure that files can be retrieved in the event of a local disaster. Once each month, a single copy is retained replacing the previous month’s copy. No backups are kept longer than one month unless special arrangement is made with Viterbi IT.

Note: USC ITS provides various options for the online storage of files and documents to the USC community. More information about USC Network Storage may be found here.

The Viterbi School allocates a specific amount of network data storage to meet the needs of individuals and departments. Currently, 10GB of storage for staff and 40GB for faculty. Storage quotas for departments vary depending on department size. Requests for quota increase may be accommodated on the basis of legitimate business need, and availability of resources.

Faculty and staff in AME and EES departments should refer to their respective department IT for an equivalent level of service and availability.
Quotas (for users supported by Viterbi IT) are as follow:

AffiliationStorage Quota
Staff - Office of Dean, ASTE, BME, CEE, CHEMS, CS, EEP, ISE, EWP and ITP10 GB
Faculty - AME and EESPlease refer to department IT for details
Staff - AME and EESPlease refer to department IT for details

Shared Drives

Viterbi IT provides personal storage space for you on Viterbi file servers. Please refer to your respective academic department for file path.

Folder paths:

  • The Z:\ drive is departmental drive. This drive serves as active file storage and file sharing within each department. Departments are allocated 250 – 400 GB of network drive space. On occasion an employee may also have an X:\ drive. This drive is designated for an employee who is the member of one department but also needs to access file from another department’s Z:\ drive.
  • The Y:\ drive is mapped to VSOE-Common network shared folder to provide for file sharing among different departments. \\\vsoe-common
  • The U:\ drive is each user’s individual network drive. Disk space on this drive is for storing university related information including instructional materials. Staff employee is allotted 10GB of individual network drive storage; faculty is allotted 40GB.

Steps to add shared drives please click here.

Shared Drives

Office of the Dean

For staff in Office of the Dean:  


 For example: \\\Office-of-the-Dean\users\johndoe\  


For faculty in academic department, type as appropriate for your department:  



For example: \\\ISE\faculty\johndoe\  


For staff in academic department, type as appropriate for your department:  



For example: \\\ISE\staff\johndoe\  

Published on November 16th, 2017

Last updated on August 1st, 2023