Viterbi Private Cloud Based Backup

The "private cloud" based backup solution (aka Crashplan) adopted by Viterbi IT allows the user to back up and restore data on a computer whether the computer is on campus or off campus as long as there is an active internet connection. This solution is cross platform capable with clients available for Windows PCs, Macs and Linux. All backups are encrypted.

This is available to faculty (full time, tenured and tenure-track) and staff (with computers supplied by the school) currently supported by Viterbi IT. Faculty and staff in AME and EES departments should refer to their respective department IT for an equivalent level of service and availability.

Crashplan will back up to the Viterbi School's datacenter on campus and also to an off-site location for addtitional data protection. Your data is maintained on Viterbi IT administered servers. If you would like an account, please create a service request in Viterbi Service Desk. Viterbi Service Desk could be found under MyViterbi. You may also email

There is a FOUR device limit that could be backed up, per user. However, the quota is based on the storage space allocated per user and NOT per device. Faculty will receive 400GB. Staff will be allocated 200GB. Single Sign On has been implemented for Crashplan so you may use your USC Net ID and password to authenticate. Viterbi IT will assist with the installation process and walk through the various functions of the application upon request.

Please click here for the step-by-step PDF for installing the Windows client.

Please click here for the step-by-step PDF for installing the Mac client.

Published on November 16th, 2017

Last updated on April 19th, 2022