How to Add Your Bulletins

General Information

Information can be posted to the AxisTV system through the AxisTV website: (this link is only available on campus or on the campus network). Please contact Jason Dziegelewski ( for information about obtaining approval to use the system.

Step 1: Click on "Import" on the top bar.


Step 2: Name your "Message Title" you wish to use to identify this bulletin. Then click "Browse" to search for the file on your local computer. The file should be (960x720) for common ad spaces. Click the Next Button.


Step 3: Set the Pace (how long to display the bulletin), normally this is 20-30 seconds depending on how long it will take to read your bulletin. The Duration, usually we run bulletins for 2-3 weeks. Click the radio button next to from and then set the dates. Select the playlists for your bulletin to run on. Usually select Viterbi Common - Ads (4:3) and RTH - When no TV (4:3). Click Done to save your bulletin and send it for approval.


Published on June 6th, 2017

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022