WordPress: VSOE Tag Grid


The VSOE Tag Grid plugin enables a grid view of News and Media Coverage stories filtered by tag.
Note: this plugin works only on the Viterbi School site. At the time of this writing, no equivalent plugin exists for department sites.


VSOE Tag Grid Cornerstone element

  • Drag a "Classic VSOE Tag Grid" element into a Cornerstone layout.
  • Enter the slug of the tag you wish to display as well as the number of posts to display.
  • Displaying a large number (over eight) of stories can carry a performance penalty so pay attention to page load speed after placing one of these elements.


  • This view combines the most recent News and Media Coverage stories, which are displayed in order of publication date.
  • News and Media Coverage stories don't share tags so an identical tag needs to exist for both News and Media Coverage stories in a given grid.
  • The plugin uses the tags' slug to correctly filter the posts. The slug is generally the tag name, converted to lower case, with spaces and special characters replaced with dashes e.g. a tag of "Andrew Viterbi" would have a slug of "andrew-viterbi".

Published on September 3rd, 2020

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022