1Password is a new password manager tool that is offered to all faculty and staff with an active USC email address. If you would like to get started with 1Password, please open a new service desk ticket on VSD.

1Password makes it easier for you to manage and access passwords and company information, wherever and whenever you work. It lets you save credentials, documents, secure information, and more into one secure vault that is easily accessible with a single click.

1Password can :

  • Generate and suggest new, unique passwords for you
  • Automatically save passwords, PINs, and login details for each website/application
  • Autofill logins, credit cards, addresses, and identities into forms
  • Securely share items like passwords, credit cards, or documents with colleagues through shared vaults
  • Always monitor your data online to notify you of any security risks
  • Protect you and your family online with a free 1Password Families account


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Published on August 25th, 2023

Last updated on November 9th, 2023