Instructions for Space Reservation Managers

The Viterbi Space Reservation System allows for a designated set of people/accounts to manage reservation requests for a given space.   Depending on your space(s) configuration, a person can make a request to use the space through a myViterbi Tool, public webform, or directly in Office 365.

First Time Set-Up

To request management access for a space, please submit a Viterbi Service Desk Ticket to the Digital Communications Team.   Once you have been added as a manager for a space, you will need to add the space to your Office 365 Client so you can manage the space.  You will then receive an email invitation to manage the space.  Please accept this through the web interface.  Once accepted, the space calendar should show on your calendar screen as well as in any other client you use for that account, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Typical Approval

The typical approval process starts with you receiving an email notification of the request.  You need to process this request using either the Office 365 website or your Outlook Client.  The request will look similar to this:


You have the following options on what to do with this space reservation request:

  • Yes – Clicking on this accepts the space reservation and will notify the requestor that their request has been accepted. If you have any special instructions or notes, such as a room code, etc.. You can include that in the text box before saying yes.
  • No – Clicking on this will deny the space reservation, send the requester an email and remove the event off the calendar.

Note: Please do not use the options “Maybe” and “Propose New Time.”

You can also access this space reservation request from Outlook Calendar by clicking on the ‘Calendar’ icon and then selecting the space’s calendar under the “People’s calendars” section:


On the right side, you can find the event and click on it.  Clicking on it will bring up information about the event for the space and you have the option to select: Yes, Maybe, and No.  Please select either yes or no to approve/reject the request.  Do Not select the Maybe Option.. If you are unsure just do not reply yet.


Special Cases/Other Interactions

If the requestor needs to make any changes or cancel, they will need to contact you via email, phone, etc. and make a request to cancel/change. The myViterbi system does not support changes. Also, if a person wants to request the space for a recurring event or other special circumstance, they will need to contact you directly to make the request. For these changes you will need to manually edit the event on the calendar using the Web Interface or Email Client.

Published on April 14th, 2022

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022