Step by Step Using PEAZIP to Encrypt

For submission of files to various agencies / entities, you may need to encrypt and password protect a file before submission. Peazip is a free utility that may be used for this purpose. Peazip may be downloaded from This document covers the Windows version.

1) Double click the Peazip shortcut on the desktop.

2) You will see the following dialog box:

Tommy Trojan

3) Browse to the file that you want to ZIP.
4) Right click on the file you want to Zip and the following options appear:

Tommy Trojan

1) Click on ADD and the following screen will appear:

Tommy Trojan
1) Click on the ADVANCED tab to get the following page:
Tommy Trojan

1) Check the desired Encryption Algorithm.

1) Click on the ARCHIVE TAB again to get back to this screen:

Tommy Trojan

1) Click on the LOCK next to the PASSWORD IS NOT SET (right below Output). You’ll see the following Password entry screen pop up:

Tommy Trojan

1) Enter the password and enter it again to confirm password. Leave everything else alone.
2) Click OK to get out of the PASSWORD entry dialog box.
3) Click OK and you’ll see a new ZIP file saved…usually in the same location where the file you want to ZIP is located.

Published on September 22nd, 2017

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022