Viterbi Computer Refresh Program

To ensure that eligible faculty and staff have adequate computer technology essential for their daily work activities.


  • The Viterbi Computer Refresh Program is a school-wide program designed to serve all regular, full-time staff and full-time teaching faculty. This program is administered by Viterbi IT. The Viterbi Dean's Office funds and coordinates a standard PC laptop computer, docking station, and accessories in value up to $2,000 for all full-time regular staff members and full-time teaching faculty every four years.
  • Apple devices or custom PC computers that cost more than the school standard Dell laptop, will require Viterbi IT approval and a charge-back to the employee’s business unit or department for the overage.
  • Viterbi IT will coordinate annually with business units and departments on the specific list of eligible employees and their scheduled refresh year. Unless otherwise requested by the business unit or department, existing Windows OS users will receive a Windows OS laptop and existing macOS users will receive a macOS laptop as part of the refresh.
  • Aside from faculty teaching and other special considerations, most employees will only have one computer assigned for work purposes. The One-Computer-Per-Person approach provides employees a consistent working environment and reduces school expenses. As noted, there may be an instance where a secondary computer, extra device, or laptop may be needed for course material preparation or new part-time, temporary employees. All secondary or extra computers are funded by the business units or departments, require purchasing justification, and require Viterbi IT approval.


The Viterbi Computer Refresh Program is designated to provide both new and current eligible employees a computer every four years who meet the following position criteria:

  1. Regular staff member
  2. Full-Time position
  3. Permanent position
  4. Full-Time teaching faculty with titles: Professor of Engineering Practice, Associate Professor of Engineering Practice, Senior Lecturer, and Lecturer
    • Tenured/Tenure-Track faculty, grant-funded positions, part-time employees, temporary employees, graduate students, student workers, and contract employees including everyone from ICT and ISI are NOT eligible for a laptop via the Viterbi Computer Refresh Program.
    • Business units and departments with part-time or temporary employees may request a laptop loaner from the Viterbi IT Device Loaner Program or with Viterbi IT approval, request to purchase a new computer with departmental funds.

How do I request a new computer?

Department Business Managers or designated contacts coordinate computer requests directly with the Viterbi Computer Refresh program team. Every four years, individuals will be notified approximately 30-60 days in advance of the 4-year anniversary to prepare for the next upgrade of their computer. The Viterbi Computer Refresh program is currently following a 4-year deployment schedule and will contact Department Business Managers or designated contacts for upcoming departments to plan and coordinate.

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Published on April 12th, 2022

Last updated on August 1st, 2023