Polycom VTX 1000 Wireless Microphone with Subwoofer


  • VTX Console (triangular with telephone keypad marked K on the underside).
  • VTX Universal Module (rectangular marked H on the underside).
  • (2) Polycom Wireless Microphone (looks like hockey pucks).
  • Charger for the Polycom Wireless Microphone.
  • Subwoofer.
  • Various power cords and cables.

Setting up in a conference room

  • Locate the telephone jack.
  • Connect the telephone line from the telephone jack to the VTX.
  • Universal Module.
  • Use the long cable with yellow tape at both ends to connect the VTX Universal Module to the VTX Console.
  • Take out the (2) Polycom wireless microphones and turn them on. The on off switch is located on the underside of the unit. If it was not recharged, you may need to use the power cord for these units.
  • Flip the VTX Universal Module over and you will see 2 wireless buttons. Press one button at a time and the corresponding Polycom wireless microphone will blink red and start to beep. On each of the Polycom wireless microphones, press the mic mute button and the blinking and beeping will stop. They are now paired with the VTX Console and ready for use.
  • If you wish, connect the subwoofer to the VTX Universal Module.
  • After use, please turn off the Polycom Wireless Microphone.

Conference room information

OHE200 – Telephone number is 213-821-2319.
PHE333 – Black dot denotes the active telephone jack. Telephone number is 213-740-3597.
RTH306 – Black dot denotes the active telephone jack. Telephone jack number is 2900030610. Telephone number is 213-821-4230.
RTH526 - Black dot denotes the active telephone jack. Telephone number is 213-821-4230.

Published on September 22nd, 2017

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022