Server Co-Location Service

Viterbi IT server co-location facilities are presently at capacity.  Please contact if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.


The Viterbi School operates space to host colocated servers at no charge for university-tagged, rack-mountable server-class systems that are used by VSoE faculty, program or research unit (collectively referred to as VSoE Unit) in support of research funded through VSoE. These servers typically have space, power, or cooling requirements that are not compatible with placement in regular VSoE office space.

Individuals interested in Viterbi IT Server Colocation Service should contact for service details and procedures to request for the use of the colocation facilities.

Viterbi IT Server Colocation Service provides an alternative to the fee‐based ITS colocation services. ITS charges a fee on a per rack basis. Any kind of servers may be placed in these ITS racks. VSoE Unit with high-availability requirements in terms of backup power, power conditioning, advanced fire suppression system, and redundant HVACs should consider fee-based ITS facilities in CAL building on 3434 Grand Avenue. Please refer to ITS website for details.

Service Description

  • Viterbi IT will assign rack space.  The VSoE Unit is responsible for hardware installation into the rack.
  • The VSoE Unit is responsible for payment of the installation of power circuits if the existing power circuits are unavailable or inadequate.
  • The VSoE Unit is responsible for UPS backup power, all systems management, monitoring, and hardware and software maintenance of the servers in the Viterbi IT colocation space.
  • The VSoE Unit is responsibile for payment of the installation of Ethernet ports for each server housed in Viterbi IT colocation space.
  • This cost is assessed by USC ITS. Please refer to ITS Ethernet Port Installation web page for current pricing information.
  • The VSoE Unit must agree to controlled access for a designated number of individuals in the colocation space and provide updates as necessary to Viterbi IT.
  • The VSoE Unit must designate a member of their unit as the point for contact for Viterbi IT Colocation Services. Viterbi IT will contact the designated contact in the event of planned or unplanned outages affecting the colocated servers.

Requirements for a Colocated Server

Because of the space and architecture of Viterbi IT colocation space, servers to be colocated must meet strict conditions.

  • Servers placed in colocation space should be accessed remotely by users – Colocation space is not suitable for systems that require frequent access or are routinely used as a desktop system, or for tower-style desktop systems that are being used as a server.
  • Servers must be rack-mountable in a standard 19” rack. Servers must capable of being remotely monitored and maintained; locally-attached keyboards and monitors cannot be accommodated.

The VSoE Unit wishing to supply their own rack must discuss the requirements with VIterbi IT Colocation Service before obtaining the rack.

Co-location Approval Process

  • Viterbi IT rack space, power (outlets), and network ports are managed and assigned on approved equipment only. Viterbi IT rack space, power (outlets), and network ports are limited and we highly suggest submitting Viterbi IT Server Colocation Service application form and receive approval prior to purchasing equipment. There may not be adequate resources in the facility to host your equipment.

Approval Process:

  1. Submit Viterbi IT Server Colocation Application Form
  2. If approved, Viterbi IT staff will communicate assigned resources for your equipment. Rack space location, power outlet, and network ports will be labeled and assigned.

About the VSoE Colocation Facilities

The school has two server colocation facilities on UPC available at no charge for VSoE Unit to house servers funded through VSoE.

The facilities are connected to the USC ITS backbone network via two separate 10-Gigabit trunks for high availability.  If the existing power circuits are not available, the VSoE Unit is responsible to install new appropriate power circuits as necessary.

VSoE Unit that has research contracts with high availability requirements for their servers should contact to see how those requirements may be met. Servers are allocated space in a rack that may be shared with other VSoE research servers.

Server racks in Viterbi IT colo spaces are designed for rack-mount servers and are not suitable for placement of tower-style servers. Servers are installed in the rack in a uniform way to ensure cool air intake faces the front of the room (toward the entrance), and warm air exhaust faces the rear of the room.


Published on November 4th, 2022

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022