CARC - Space Allocation Request

CARC (Center for Advanced Research Computing) offers three types of allocations that can be requested in the User Portal: computing resources on Discovery, computing resources on Endeavour (subscription-based), and storage space.

Click here for a guide to request allocation space for your project

Types of Allocations

cryo-EM Computing Resources

A special allocation for researchers that will make use of the cryo-electron microscopes (cryo-EM) housed at the the Core Center for Excellence in Nano Imaging. The cryo-EM instruments are a paid service and pricing details can be found here. It includes access to the cryo-EM pre-processing portal, a GPU cluster with 10 GPU compute nodes, and a shared storage space (/cryoem1) for the datasets collected by the microscopes.

May Not Be Suitable for Use for Sensitive Data

Currently, CARC systems do not support using or storing sensitive data. If your research includes sensitive data, including but not limited to HIPAA, FERPA, or CUI-regulated data, don't hesitate to contact us at before using our systems. For more information on the different types of sensitive data, see the USC IT Services Data Security page.

GUI Tools That Could Be Used

GUI tools such as FileZilla, WinSCP, RClone or Cyberduck.  Any SFTP client will work.

Please note that if you transfer data from off campus, you will need to connect to the USC network via VPN first before connecting to or

Click here for further information on RClone

Project Storage Resource Allocations

All active projects are eligible for a storage allocation on the CARC /project file system. Storage allocations are measured using disk space in terabytes (1 terabyte is equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes). Each PI can request up to 10 TB of storage across their project(s) at no cost.

Please must request storage allocations in the CARC User Portal. When requesting a new storage allocation, the default minimum allocation size is 5 TB per project. All users for a project will have access to that project's allocation.

If more than 10 TB is needed, a PI can request additional storage space at a cost. Additional storage can be added in increments of 5 TB, and the current price is $40/TB/year. For example, when a PI requires 20 TB total of space, the annual cost for the data storage space will be:

20 TB per year = 10 TB free + (10 x $40/TB/year) = $400 annual cost

If you're requesting a new storage allocation and require more than 10 TB, you can request your allocation in the User Portal and indicate the amount of storage you need (in 5 TB increments). See the Request New Allocation user guide for more information.

If you have an existing storage allocation but would like to increase the amount of storage, please submit a help ticket under the "Accounts/Access" category. Please include your project ID, desired allocation size, and reason for this increase. The CARC team will consult with you to determine your needs and the total cost.

/project/project_name is the approved project storage location.

Published on April 8th, 2024

Last updated on May 2nd, 2024